Hello and welcome to our Girly Girl Princess Ballerina Collection

The FIRST authentic musical jewelry box collection for girls of color in the USA that is owned, created and designed by an African American woman. It has been a rewarding journey to design jewelry boxes for beautiful ballerinas of color that is a reflection of them. A representation of brownness & blackness that they can resonate with. My purpose, passion and love for ballerinas goes back as far as I can remember. However, when my daughter (whose ballerina pose adorns our box) became fascinated and fell in love with ballet, I distinctively noticed the lack of diversity in my options to gift her a ballerina jewelry box. She was a ballerina and her dad was a Jeweler. So I thought this combo would certainly be easy to find. However, I couldn't find one that was cute, brown and large enough to hold all of her treasures. Over the years it was always my desire to one day fulfill that void and bring to reality a face of color, quality, class & beauty to the ballerina culture. One that neither I nor my daughter would witness as girls.

Well...... when my daughter, who is an adult now, surprised me with the news of her expecting my first grandchild, I immediately knew the time was NOW!!  Even though we didn't know the gender, I just knew if it was a girl, she would become a ballerina like her mother. I also knew that I could not have her asking her GiGi the same question my daughter would often ask me "Mommy, where are the brown ones.....I want one that LOOKS LIKE ME"?  At that time, I had no explanation for her as to why there were no African American versions. However, just the look of disappointment on her face was enough for me to remember forever...the look that I didn't want to ever see on my granddaughter's face. So I (aka GiGi) created and designed a collection of 5 beautiful, spacious and durable jewelry boxes that reflected my ballerina daughter and my future princess ballerina granddaughter. While at the same time I wanted to fulfill and amplify the silent & confused ballerina voices of ALL girls of color -EVERYWHERE!!  


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